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To Ellis Parents,

The sizing charts for all the plaid jumpers, polo dresses and skort wraps have been inconsistent this year.  To avoid receiving the wrong size we are recommending two options for Ellis families:

  1. To purchase any new plaid items, visit Educational Outfitters who are under contract with The Ellis School for these items.  Educational Outfitters are located at 2101 Greentree Road, Suite A109, Pittsburgh PA 15220.  Call for hours of operation: 412-892-8810
  2. To purchase gently used plaid items, visit the Ellis Paw Shop, operated by the Ellis Parents Association.   Please call the school to verify when the Paw Shop will be opened during school hours.

Please be assured that The Ellis Online Store is working with Ellis to continually improve our uniform services for Ellis families.  If we can be of any help please call us at 412-784-1384.



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  • Plain Khaki Pants

    Plain Khaki Pants

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    Girls' Plain Front Pants
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